The Blinkwith david romanelli

The Most Relaxing Three Minutes of Your Day

The Blinkwith David romanelli

What's the Blink?

The Blink is a fast way to reap the benefits of mindfulness.

Every single day, we’ll send you a three minute guided meditation to bust open your pressure release valve, and remind you: this next breath can be your best, deepest, strongest breath ever (or not).

Get relaxation, peace of mind, and that sacred moment when you truly enjoy the gift of being alive

The Blinkwith David romanelli

Your guide

David Romanelli

My greatest accomplishment is walking my daughter through treatment to overcome leukemia. This taught me so much about taking time every single day to be grateful and cherish health and happiness.

I’d love to be your wingman and share with you three minutes each day to breathe through the difficult days and celebrate the great ones.

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